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19 Negative Insight. This one is a DIY hardcore punk magazine, distro and blog for the classic era of hardcore punk. Brilliant interviews, reviews and rare archive material from the vast and obscure universe of the 1980s anarcho-punk, hardcore, d …

Grind Punk Distro Blogspot - coproco.nl

[randpic]grind punk distro blogspot - mattentaartenkampioenbe Grind Hc Punk Label orenji Runtah Injak Balik! A Bandung HC Punk Comp, A Bandung HC Punk Comp, Underground year FIRMAN split and join major fucking label band [randpic]Rauha Turva diy h

FIRMA ILEGALE::..: RATTUS - Levytykset 1981-1984

One of the most legendary Finnish '82 style Hardcore Punk bands. Formed spring 1978 and played songs just for fun The name guys was taken from the first Lp of THE STRANGLERS, "Rattus Norvegicus". RATTUS is latin meaning a rat, a very big rat.

DISTRO - corerecords.blogspot.com

For orders write at corerecords'at'km.ru TShirts: (ezch TShirt 11 euro) - Unholy Grave Size M - Archagathus Crocodile Size L - Warsor...

Missing The Point D.I.Y Punk Distro - Home | Facebook

Missing The Point D.I.Y Punk Distro. 1,619 likes · 28 talking about this. Punk Rock D.I.Y Distro based in the UK https://missingthepointdistro.blogspot.co.uk/

Puro Ruido: Informe: Grindcore

Desde el más puro Grind hasta el Hardcore neoyorkino de los 80s, pasando por disonancias más propias del Noise, partes del más crudo Crossover, Hardcore Punk onda Die Kreuzen, Death Metal, Power Violence tipo Spazz/Dropdead, experimentos sonoros de lo más sacados, Industrial, y todo aquello que les sea de utilidad.

Obdura Distro

Contrasto - Tornare Ai Resti OUT NOW ON OBDURA DISTRO! master of anarchist hardcore from the '90 are back with a great album. fast and intense songs mixed with political and introspective lyrics. raw, emotive, fast, our life. if you dont love contrasto, leave now this blog! prezzo singola copia: 8 euro.


No Name distro/label. 2 hete Crucified Freedom. 3 hete Degen Erik. 5 hete Rawmantic Disasters Records. 3 hónapja Primitive Distro. 1 éve Scull Crasher Records. 1 éve Kremon Records. 4 éve DIY Anarcho Crust Punx. 4 éve Bombatölcsér. 5 éve Garga Pitic. 5 éve Vomit Label. 6 éve Dzsukhellrekords. 6 éve Posthuman Productions.

Symphonies Of Slackness

Long live blogspot! Ps: We have both been busy with our other projects which you should definitely check out! Plebiscite Records has launched and opened a distro on bigcartel, selling mainly releases from Aotearoa/NZ. Watch this space for upcoming releases in 2020!

Rauha Turva diy hc punk, noise... label Czech republic

BELORUSIA PRIMITIVE DISTRO crust, grind, punk blog and label/distro CANADA HARSH SUPPLEMENTnoisecore http ...


Archivio blog 2010 (1) settembre (1) SICKPUNX DISTRO MAGLIETTE PUNK HC GRIND CRUST; Tema Fantastico S.p.A.. Powered by Blogger. ...



Chronic Disease

Chronic Disease Records. is a D.I.Y. label and distro based on grind / crust / punk music. Προβολή πλήρους προφίλ.

headnoise distro & records

For fourteen minutes we're treated to raging grind that leans towards metal in some tracks and punk in others. The two singers have a part in this with the growler being more metal sounding and the screamer bringing forth the punk, but musically they're also exploring both genres and are as many other good grind bands operating somewhere in ...


APOYO A KOKEIRO - PUNK PRESX EN BOLIVIA. KOKEIRO es un punk de Rio De Janeiro - Brasil- Qque esta presx en la region Boliviana de la ciudad de Trinidad, EN el penal Mocovi, del departamento de Beni . Desde EL 31 e Octubre 2017 se encuentra recluido acusado de matar a un pedofilo . en octubre del año pasado (2020) complio 3 años de de ...

Missingthepoint - Blogger

CONFLICT - "Increase The Pressure" LP - £12.00. "Increase the Pressure" is the second album by the British punk rock band Conflict originally released in 1984. Conflict, a crew of radical. anarchists and animal rights activists, put out a bunch of great records in the '80s and a few in the '90s.

D-Beat Beater

New Website. So we have the new website it is done on tumblr so any one who has a tumblr account can follow D-Beat Beater new website, there is a place for those of you who write reviews to upload your own reviews, will hopefully add more stuff to website including a download section of releases. So ya check out the website:

CLOGGED | CLOGGED | Radical Blarghst

CLOGGED by CLOGGED, released 12 October 2015 1. Clogged 2. Reduced To Pus 3. Half A Head 4. Will Rahmer Crashing A Motorbike Into A Brick Wall 5. Vulture Vomit/Meat Shower 6. M.I.B 7. End Of My Fork 8. Octopuncher 9. Incomprehensible Bloating 10. Groovy Bangah 11. Flying Germs 12. Extra Terrestrial Transplant 13. Branscombe Richmond (AxCx cover) 14.


Feastem, of course, comes from the land of Pukko and Saunas, and delivers a solid grind attack with one foot firmly rooted into punk music (they did an awesome cover of Mellaka in one comp) and the other into the metallic side of grindcore, similiar to the countrymens Rotten Sound and the gone but not forgotten Nasum.

EvilPunkRecords: ноября 2012

среда, 14 ноября 2012 г.

C.R.A.P. : Fake News - crapziness.blogspot.com

C.R.A.P. is a D.I.Y blog done by A.P. from Atomic Pollution (D.I.Y. Anarcho punk) to support and promote the international Anarcho / D.I.Y. community / culture and its values If you would like to be featured on our blog then get in touch with us at: CRAPZINESS [A] GMAIL.COM A BIG FUCK OFF TO ALL GOVERNMENTS, CORPORATE POWER, THE MUSIC INDUSTRY, CAPITALISM AND …

C.R.A.P. : THE GRINDFUL DEAD (punk/grindcore from Brazil)

C.R.A.P., crapziness, D.I.Y., Blog, Anarcho, Punk, HC, Crust, PowerViolence, Grindcore, Metal, Protest, Info, Flyers, Free Downloads

Byllepest Distro

Punk, hardcore and D-Beat records! BP has been going on strong since 2011. I sell vinyl, tape and sometimes CD's and trade everything. BP has released one 12" so far and there are more to come. Contact me for booking in oslo, record trades, if you want me to distribute or release your record or to compare cider brands! (A)Piss//War(N)

Punk Vortex Distro: 12" LPs / ALBUMS

Welcome to Punk Vortex Distro. We are a small D.I.Y punk distro. Prices don't include shipping. For more information on how to place an order, postage costs or how to get your band distributed by us, contact me by e-mail on: [email protected]

UNBOUND - "GODBAIT" 12" LP | The Cave Distro

Death/ Grind/ Metal/ Punk...it's all here. Totally ripping mayhem. Purple Vinyl. Comes with sticker, badge and bandcamp digital download. Plus killer gloss hard card booklet featuring unique art and lyrics.

nonamelabelua.blogspot.com - No Name distro/label

NEW DISTRO STUFF!!! LP. 1х Baestien - Uroboros (LP, 2017) (post-crust hardcore punk metal band from Sokolov/Cheb, Czech Republic. Alerta Antifascista) 11$. 1х Downwinder -s/t (LP, 2021) (Crust / Stenchcore est. 2019 in Volos, Greece. Insane Society Records, Imminent Destruction Records, Black Against Night Records, SEDATION, Scream Records ...

Metal Brazuca: Manger Cadavre? - Decomposição - 2021 ...

Gênero: Hardcore, Punk Rock 1. Epílogo 2. A Raiva Muda O Mundo 3. Em Memória 4. Vida, Tempo e Morte 5. Apatia 6. Miseráveis 7. Neocolonia...

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CRUST PUNK - IN GRIND WE CRUST! 80,025 likes · 524 talking about this. Ⓐ IN GRIND WE CRUST Ⓔ Crust / Grindcore / Goregrind / D-Beat / Thrash / Powerviolence / Fastcore / Hardcore / Anarcho-Punk /...

Punk Vortex Distro

Câmbio Negro, is a seminal Hardcore Punk band from Recife -. Brasil, formed in 1983 they are one of the first bands playing. that kind of music on the North East of the country, and the first on that region to release an album. "Ecos do 3° Mundo" was previously released as a demo tape in 1989,and is considered by many their best stuff, brutal ...


Disable / Lockheed split 7inch EP. Three new tracks each band. fantastic classic D-Takt Raw Punk noize. Disable hail from USA. We are in love with them since the first demo, classic Disclose Worshipping Raw Noize with a personal note, damn dope, DIS drummer, aaarrrggghhhh. Lockheed, also from USA with a classic Bulldozer scandinavian note on ...